• IGRFSF2004

Who is eligible?

The basic requirements are: must be a uniformed service member in good standing with an Idaho National Guard or Reserve Unit. We serve Idaho Air National Guard, Idaho Army National Guard, and Idaho Army/Navy/Marine Reserve units. They can live out of state, but must be attached to an Idaho unit (i.e. we see this in Lewiston where the service member lives in Clarkston, just across the river/state line). Additionally, all National Guard & Reserve Service Members in good standing that reside in the State of Idaho that do not belong to an Idaho Unit, but are not covered by another State's Emergency Fund.

Members in good standing is defined as:

(1) Must have successfully completed all initial training; for example Basic Training, MOS/AFSC or equivalent training.

(2) Must have at least 12 (twelve) months remaining on enlistment contract to be eligible for a loan.

(3) Must not have a delinquent loan currently with IGRFSF.

(4) Must not be flagged for Adverse Action. (This does not include flagging actions for APFT or HT/WT)

(5) Must have a satisfactory attendance history for Individual Training (IDT) and Annual Training (AT).

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